Led by Francisco Tenente, 3DWays returned to growth in the sectors of health, transport and electronic devices. This year it invested around 300 thousand euros in the purchase of new machines for the manufacture of complex technological products that integrate metallic and plastic components. Founded in 2016 and installed at the Welding and Quality Institute - in Taguspark, Porto Salvo, the start up completed, on November 7, three years of membership of AIP.

There are already 43 3D printers that the company puts at the service of customers such as Siemens, Vision Box, ISQ and Carris. The new machines that 3Dways acquired this year following an application to Portugal 2020 that it saw approved will increase its production capacity, the range of technologies covered and the manufacture of new materials such as wood and acrylic.

The new equipment guarantees a larger scale of additive manufacturing - or 3D printing -, allowing the company to better respond to the increase in orders, which also includes the production of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as visors, and other items in the field of parts accessibility.

“During the pandemic we almost doubled our turnover but the growth forecast was much higher”, says Francisco Tenente, founder and CEO of 3DWays, noting, however, that in the volume of business carried out this year, “Covi-19 products represent less than 5% ”.

The company collaborated in a joint effort against the spread of the virus, integrating a group of companies that manufactured close to 200 thousand visors destined to the health professionals.

For 2021, “there are orders in the portfolio and in various sectors”, confirms Francisco Tenente, highlighting the “manufacture of metallic and plastic components for electronic devices”.

Four years after its creation, “3Dways continues to work to build a value proposition that can meet some of the challenges of traditional industry and satisfy the needs of companies that want to create more innovative products”, concludes Francisco Tenente.