Focused on international business opportunities from the Entreprise Europe Network (EEN), the intervention of Paulo Caldas, Director of Economics at AIP, in the webinar “European Entrepreneurship Network - Business Opportunities in the Public Sector in Portugal and Europe”, a partnership between AIP and IAPMEI with the Municipality of Palmela (CMP), which took place on December 3 and had about a hundred participants. Paulo Caldas presented the services that EEN provides to companies and the resulting business opportunities, arguing that “EEN is a good example of the importance of business cooperation networks, especially in this phase of economic, financial and social crisis”.

For the director of the AIP, "State aid, supporting employment and supporting the treasury of families and companies are essential." Paulo Caldas also defended that, “at a later stage of economic growth, the external financing planned for the next decade for Portugal (almost 45 billion euros in non-refundable funds) should serve to encourage and attract investments in the sectors in which Portugal is competitive. The gains in scale are crucial for improving the international competitiveness of companies ”, he concluded.

The webinar also included interventions by Luís Miguel Calha, councilor of CMP, and Jorge Duque, of IAPMEI.