Within the scope of a protocol established between the AIP and the Nova School of Business & Economics, and for the second consecutive year, the Master of Management students at this university start on September 7 the final thesis of the program. This phase of the master's degree will consist of an internationalization plan, including analysis of the company's competitive advantage and global readiness, selection of the international market through country selection and in-depth analysis of this market, international entry strategies with marketing, financial plans and forecasts. The work will be completed at the end of December 2020 and the six master's theses, which involve between three and five students each, will be presented during January 2021.

PepeAromas, EDUdigital, Dimpomar, Quinta da Pacheca, Compta and Queijos Santiago, the companies on which this work will focus, have been identified by AIP and selected by Nova SBE.

The companies involved have a high potential for internationalization and express a desire to expand / evaluate their intervention markets, and students will work on improving the competitiveness of each one and on their internalization process. Working as a group, students will make use of updated knowledge and practical tools to assist SMEs in their internationalization process.

The work will have a very practical orientation and, as such, will expose students to the challenges associated with making strategic decisions in complex international business situations. Students already have a good understanding of the main theories of international trade and international business strategy structures, as well as the ability to integrate knowledge from different functional areas, such as strategy, marketing and finance.